The world is a very different place today from the 1950’s

At the very time when the terrible effects of climate change – rising sea levels, extreme weather and mass animal and plant extinction are accelerating rapidly, there are millions of people here in the UK and throughout the world who are in mental retreat i.e. they believe their own small nation can prosper on its own while still maintaining influence in the American and EU trading blocks and other International Organisations.

The world is a very different place today from the 1950’s. We now live in a global village of instant communication and supply chains, dominated by transnational corporations such as the International Banking Industry, Oil Cartels, Big Pharma, Amazon, Google etc let alone anonymous private equity owned companies and vulture funds – all of which ‘command the tillers’ of every nation on earth, and which have no patriotism and pay little tax.

After hundreds of years of bloody inter-tribal conflict in Europe which culminated in 2 World Wars, the nations of Europe , led by France and Germany formed the European Economic Community in an attempt to make sure such carnage could never happen again. None other than Winston Churchill was an early advocate.

The EU is now the largest trading bloc in the world, and for all its faults, has huge influence in creating policies that may be able to bring pressure to bear  on how the rest of the world responds to the global climate emergency.

The whole Brexit debacle is nothing compared to what every single one of us is being forced to face. Our young people can sense it, and want action NOW . How are we older ones responding?

If we refuse to face the fact that we are endangering the lives of our own children by choosing not to listen to their fears of global devastation and consequent social breakdown, what sort of small minded selfish people are we?

We all need to wake up and face up, otherwise we face a frightening future of fascism and fundamentalism on a ruined planet.    

Yours sincerely.
Jeremy Bell

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