The erection of arrays of wind turbines.

Date : 12/1/2019

Mr Jarvis missed the main thrust of my letter regarding the erection of arrays of wind turbines. He seems to assume that more large-scale electrical generation is needed because this is the only way to continue to power UK industry.

If every Chinese, Indian, African and S American were to share the UK’s standard of living, we would need the entire resources of 4 or 5 more ‘Earths’ – today!. There are limits to growth. We have already decimated approximately 60% of the world flora and fauna in the last 40 years.

1) As I wrote in my last letter, we should be concentrating primarily on energy conservation, insulating, as far as possible, every house and factory to Scandinavian standards. Successive governments have had umpteen  reports showing that the UK could save approximately 60% of its energy needs by such a program!. (incidentally, energy consumption here in the UK has levelled off in the last year or so)     

2) Nothing in nature is centralised; Lots of little things create the whole. Small – is not only beautiful, it is far more efficient and sustainable.

3) I am very much aware of Green Party policies which is why, as someone who still has original copies of ‘The Silent Spring’, ‘The Blueprint For Survival’ and ‘Gordon Rattray Taylor’s’ books such as ‘The Biological Time Bomb’ etc I am sad that the Green Party seems to have lost much of its prophetic voice. They seem to believe we can have our cake and eat it – if we only alter a bit of the recipe.

Jeremy Bell.

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