Imagine you were facing two or three drunken thugs who were threatening you and your wife. There are two other people nearby – you know one of them, a week, cowardly, thieving white guy, and a solid Muslim black man who plays in a local football team. Who would you call on to help you? It’s a no brainer .

Yet, in these Brexit, increasingly nationalistic times, we are witnessing a rise in racist hate crime and insult, particularly on social media, where anonymous ‘brave’ trolls vilify anyone not deemed to be British.

Anyone with any understanding of their own genealogy will know that we British are all mongrels with bits of Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Jewish, Polish, Asian and African ancestry etc.

And anyone with any understanding of their own history will know that we would have lost the 1st World War were it not for the 1.5 million Asian and African troops – let alone the vast numbers of ‘foreigners’ who came to our aid in the 2nd World War.

Now whatever our colour, race or religion, we are facing a climate emergency – and it is an emergency. Yet some are still arguing over what colour the deckchairs should be painted, and whether the white ones should be on the upper deck!

The blood flowing in all our veins is the same colour. It’s not just an inhabitable planet that is at stake – it’s whether it will be inhabited by human (e) beings.        


Yours sincerely.
Jeremy Bell

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