Take a look into the work of Bideford Town Councillor Kaye Corfe and the hard work that she does to try and combat homelessness in our Bideford Town.

The first episode entitled 'No Place to Call Home' follows Kaye, a rough sleeper outreach worker, as well as 24-year-old Harry, who lives with eight people in supported accomodation.

The episode opens with Kaye speaking to an alcoholic woman with mental health problems who has been found sleeping in a graveyard.

Kaye tells the programme that North Devon has one of the highest rates of youth homelessness in the UK.

She says that in her seven years in the job she has seen 14 people die, the youngest being just 23, and that many of the facilities needed to support homeless people "just don't exist" in North Devon.

Boris Johnson’s baa-ing flock.

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