General election will probably be announced shortly?

I realise that a general election will probably be announced shortly, but the Conservative party’s recent, crude propaganda is really galling. It is treating the electorate of Torridge and North Devon as if we are all simple minded, and suffering from collective amnesia.

Geoffrey Cox MP is quoted as saying: “Peter Heaton-Jones has been working flat out with my help to get a new hospital built in Barnstaple in the next ten years.”

Flat-out usually suggests an all-out effort to secure an outcome to the exclusion of other work.

Do they both think we have all forgotten about the closure of our cottage hospitals and other health care facilities, just at a time when the population of the area has been expanding rapidly?

And now, surprise surprise, according to Geoffrey Cox, no less than Boris Johnson is keen to see Appledore shipyard re-opened.

Nothing like an election to get the magic money tree producing a bumper crop.

And that’s just in our area.

The conservatives are also promising 20,000 more policemen (having cut a similar number), a £10+ an hour living wage in five years (which was already in the pipe line), billions more to be spent on education, and in order to keep us at the very top of the prisoner incarceration table – longer prison sentences so that younger felons can learn more sophisticated way’s of getting away with breaking the law.

The only promises missing, which really disappointed me, was a policy to eradicate sin by the end of the next parliament, and a postcard to all electors wishing them a Happy Brexit.

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