Friday 4th Oct 2019

What we would like to see happen in Torridge:

  1. An increase in Bus services from East the Water to locations including North Devon Hospital, which can isolate people, especially the elderly. If Stagecoach or another company refuse, we wish to start up a local initiative in which the community could help to serve itself – perhaps with lift or car sharing. Any initiative would have to have to accommodate people who don’t use the internet.
  2. Food Assemblies, to promote and catalyse growing, cooking and eating together locally. As part of this, we would like the councils to consider composting our green waste at recycling centres, which could be used by the local population. There was a thought that maybe this already happens at Deep Moor Recycling Centre, Torrington.
  3. For people to make pledges describing what they are prepared to do around preparing for or attempting to reduce the effects of climate change, perhaps compiled into a book, as has happened in Bexhill on Sea. This could happen around training sessions to educate people about what is happening and how we might best respond to the challenges ahead.
  4. For the ‘hidden homeless’ who live by sofa surfing and other short-term arrangements, to become recognised and the problem dealt with. We favour a project where a decrepit building is done up by a group of the ‘hidden homeless’, who learn the skills to do up the building, in preparation for them to live in it.
  5. For the building of second homes to be stopped – this was a popular idea in the lead up to local elections, along with sustainable housing for local people. Current ‘Local Plans’, which involve significant numbers of houses that could become second homes, do not consider the impacts of climate change. We can get some advice from St. Ives Council, to learn up they managed to do this. And we could talk to the Campaign to Protect Rural England, to find out about their developments. People are thinking of taking direct action if big developments to ahead, to draw attention to the problem.
  6. An increased provision for Youth Services – currently young people who are not vulnerable or at risk, have few opportunities and the current situation helps to keep vulnerable young people from integrating. Youth Services are contracted out to companies outside the council – can we take them back in house?
  7. More members of the public to attend council meetings and people’s assemblies. TCG Councillors can advise when particular meetings are happening, to be advertised in advance and invite individuals and organisations who might be interested in specific committee meetings. We can make a list of all organisations that we can invite personally to meetings or people’s assemblies.

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