Boris Johnson’s baa-ing flock.

If ‘this parliament is dead’ as our MP, the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox proclaimed last Wednesday, it certainly didn’t seem like it from the rowdy debate which followed his Conservative Government’s defeat in the UK Supreme Court.

The crux of the court’s decision was whether or not we as voters continue to be represented by an elected parliament or by a CEO and his chosen executives. Boris Johnson’s baa-ing flock, however much they desire brexit, should challenge themselves with this vital question.

What I find so worrying, is that increasing numbers of people seem to be opting for the latter, and are prepared to seemingly obey any directive their leader hands down to them. This, as we know from history, is how democracy morphs into tyranny.

Meanwhile, the sea levels are rising, the forests are burning, the weather getting more extreme and insect, bird, fish, animal and plant life are in steep decline. But hey! lets ignore this wholesale destruction of nature, pretend we are not reliant on her, and get back to watching Downton Abbey and Love Island while trusting Boris and his fellow world leaders to sort it all out for us: after all, we are only the ignorant electorate.

Yours sincerely.
Jeremy Bell

1 thought on “Boris Johnson’s baa-ing flock.”

  1. This says so much, Jeremy. It’s very depressing, and it’s an agenda being pushed by a foreign-owned, or unashamedly right wing, press and, of course, an unbridled social media. Extreme voices tend to be listened to. The voices of truth and moderation are drowned out by the cacophony of xenophobia, nationalism, fear, hatred and immoderate language.

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